It is now many years since we got this idea to build these 

holiday homes and january of 2017, it was our oldest daugther Julia, 18, 

who sat down in the excavator and had the first showel put into the ground

Since you are going to build in such a scenic area, it is very 

important that we do not take anything from the nature. 

Therefor, we have choosen to follow the old faroese building 

style, with stone grounds, wide black cladding widths, white 

attice windows and of course grass on the roof

inside the houses also bear the mark of the old construction 

but are designed so that our guest get the best possible 

stay and experience. The living room  height is 36 m2 with

 well equipped kitchen, bathroom and livingroom. Good

staircase leading to the first floor. On the first floor is a 

room with two beds and an open room with two beds. 

There are  many accommodations in theFaroe Islands 

that are far cheaper than ours, but with our unique view, 

our new charming houses,  we have choosen this consept, 

of high quality so that you can have the optimal experience

The couple Anita and Tróndur are the owners of the resort 

" The view" and we also live here in the village of Bøur, 

together with our 3 daughters, Julia, Eva Gunn and Anja Sólja. 

We also run a small farm of 70 sheep, young cattle, chickens, 

ducks, dogs, and a horse.

" The View" is located in the village of Bøur and is among the

most breathtaking scenic places of the Faroe Islands and most 

natural area in the islands. The village of Bøur is an old settlement 

with 65 inhabitants. The characteritics of the villagw are densly 

built houses, with the charming grass roofs, the high mountains 

( 600 M) behind them and the unique view in front of them and 

wich accommodation bears the name of. This unique view lies 

as a protection of the village from the waves of the ea. The rocks

(small and large rock) Tindhólmur with its height of 262 meters 

and the 5 characteristisc rock tips with the names Outher peak,

Arna peak, Little peak, broud peak, bendt peak. Next to Tindhólmur 

are Gáshólmur and Skerhólmur. A little further west is the famous 

bird island Mykines, wich attacts many tourists in the summer. 

The village Gásadalur with it´s famous waterfall " Múlafossur " 

is a 4 km drive from the village of Bøur. Gásadalur with it´s 12 

inhabitants was connected by road in 2006 as the last settlement 

on the islands. Vágar Airport with there 300.000 + visitors a year 

is only 6 km away. Shops and gas station are in the neighbouring

village Sørvág,who is located 5 km away