The View

Dear guest.

Welcome to our homepage. We want to give you a insight in our place and a little help, when you stay at our places. Our houses is located in one of the most beautifull places on the Faroe Islands, surrounded by natural beauty. To be in this place has special requirements for building styles and to control the enviroment. We have choosen to build our houses, combined to ancient faroese building style, with a high quality and good comfort. Stonewalls, Covered in black,wide boards. White muntin and mullion windows.  The houses have of course Grass roof. All out our houses is in the nature and that means, that the animals will also be present. There will be Sheep,chicken,ducks and seabirds in the surroundings and will make your stay a very autentic memory to carry with you and will make you a part of the nature

Our main goal is to give you, as a guest, a stay like never before and precious memoryes for life!